Rewards Program

Q- How Can I Earn Points?
A- First create an account Click Here You may earn points with posts, shares, likes, and follows on social media, and by ordering Deliciously Fit meals.
Q- How Many Points Do I Need to Earn Rewards?
A- You can start earning instantly from sharing a post, to like, or follow on our social media accounts and for every $1 spent is a point is earned. You can exchange your points for $5, $10, $15, $25, or $50 off your meals!
Q- How Can I Earn More?
A- Leave us a review on either our Facebook or Google and tell us about your Deliciously Fit experience.
Q- What is a Referral Program?
A- The Referral Program is apart of our new ambassador program. Give a friend 25% off their first order and receive $20 for each friend that orders!